The Ballard’s Dirt Bike Carrier Rack with GB

The Ballard’s Dirt Bike Carrier Rack with GB


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Designed to fit Hayman Reese style receivers with 150kg tow ball capacity and at just 25kg is light enough for easy quick on and off mounting and carrying of your Dirt Bike (160kg load rating). It includes a secure dual footpeg shackle mounting system ( very secure and no need to buy tie downs ) Combined With the ‘steady support’ bar for added transporting and lockable theft security, Plus the kit includes a clip in ramp bracket and two wheel straps.


The multi-adjustable ‘loop over’ design significantly helps secure your bike to the rack for much more peace of mind while travelling or once locked it helps you sleep with peace of mind while you stay the night in a hotel room etc. We have tested the ‘Steady Support’ over many Km’s and trips with just the wheel straps and support only and had great results. We’re not suggesting you do this (no footpeg shackles) but only want you to understand it’s true support and function.


Width: 194cm Hitch Pin to Rack (Clearance from tow bar to rack)

Three adjustable positions – 28cm & 33cm & 38cm

Wheel Track Width: 13cm Depth (Towbar to end of unit): 84cm